Welcome to TINO IQ API

TINO IQ has highest level of accuracy

We look at economy from multiple angles, including:

  • Interest Rates & Bond Yields
  • GDP
  • Manufacturing
  • Inflation
  • Retail
  • House
  • Commodities
  • Currency
  • Labor
  • Equities

For example, Below is list of 70+ indicators with historical data for 20 years and predictions for the next 1 year
You can use API to get historical data for 20+ years and prediction for next 1 year

Click on indicator list to check the list of indicators.

Getting data via API's

API details are here: API Details

Manually testing apis:

Get Macro Indicator
Get Credit Ratings

How to use TINO IQ APIs using python code

  • Get Macro Indicator : This API returns the macro indicators data. You can also get data for specific date by specifying the starting and ending date
  • Get Credit Ratings : This API return the company name, symbol and credit ratings of over 3000 companies
Steps to access APIs using python code

To access TINO IQ APIs - Your email has to be authenticated. Please follow following steps below:

  1. Subscribe to tinoiq api's at https://www.diyfire.org/pricing.html
  2. Send email used for payment to email contact@tinoiq.com
  3. You will receive confirmation within 1 business day
  4. Below is an example of python code to get JSON
import requests
 'Content-Type': 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'
# the param1 is the parameter for accesssing the data from API http://api.diyfire.org/get_macro_indicators
  'email':'your verified email'
 'indicators':'comma separated string containing indicators,
#the param2 is the parameter for accessing the data from API http://api.diyfire.org/tino_iq_credit_ratings/
 'email':'your verified email